Yu-Gi-Oh! CD Chapter 1
Chapter No. 1
Release Date 3rd April 2010
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Preview Promo Shoot Fighter
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The Genesis Duel is the first chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! CD.

Alkan has had nightmares for the past three months, and is shocked when he finds out Clyde and Relic are having the same ones. Relic decides to run away and try to become the champion duelist of Menometric City. After his escape, Alkan and Clyde have no luck finding him. Alkanthen comes across his rival, Inspector Logan, who says that he may know about what happened. When Alkan demands for answers, Inspector Logan denies giving information. Thus, a duel begins between Alkan and Inspector Logan.

A preview of this chapter will be shown on 4th January 2010, where this chapter will be available to read. A promo card will be given to any participants, which is Shoot Fighter.

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