WIND monsters are often flying monsters, such as the "Harpie Ladies", perhaps one of the most famous Wind monsters among the game as well as in the anime. This Attribute is greatly under-represented, but the most common type associated with it is the Winged Beast-Type, though Insect, Fairy, and Dragon are not uncommon. Other Wind monsters include "Slate Warrior", "Raiza the Storm Monarch", "Stardust Dragon" and the "Armed Dragon" LV series. Wind is usually thought of as the opposite of EARTH, though there is no direct advantage other than in certain video games.

The strategy with WIND monsters is difficult to define, and not many players typically run Wind Decks, but a common theme with most involve the removal of the opponent's Spell and Trap cards, though some are designed to take advantage of an empty back row instead of destroying it, such as "sonic Shooter" and "Simorgh, Bird of Divinity". Generally speaking, WIND monsters usually involve either player's hands, and they can balance and control a player's Hand Advantage to Field Advantage ratio. Some also have swarming capabilities. Taking advantage of this effect, however, is usually rendered somewhat difficult by the low original ATK of most WIND monsters. This disadvantage is somewhat balanced by the common synergy benefits that WIND monsters give each other, such as "Harpie Lady 1", or "Bladefly".

Also there are many cards for the removal and/or destruction of Spell and Trap Cards that make reference to the Natural Phenomena related to the Wind like "Mystical Space Typhoon", "Twister", "Tornado", "Dust Tornado", "Heavy Storm", "Cyclone Boomerang", etc. along with "Harpie's Feather Duster", which is a support for the famous Wind Archetype, The Harpies.

Some WIND Archetypes include the afformentioned "Harpies", "Armed Dragons", "Mist Valley" and "Dragunity".

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