Alkan Ronuti
Manga Debut Yu-Gi-Oh! CD - Chapter 001
Appears In Yu-Gi-Oh! CD
Age 18
Gender Male
Deck Unconfirmed

Relic Galson is another 18-year-old protagonist in Yu-Gi-Oh! CD. His dueling skill has taken him to become champion.


100px Relic has dark brown hair that spikes around on his head, as well as green eyes. Relic wears a green jacket with a red shirt and black jeans. He wears a belt, where he has two deck pouches; one for his Ground Duels and one will be for a new type of duels, which may be similar to Turbo Duels.


Relic is a selfish character, who thinks of himself and sacrifices others for his own good.


Season OneEdit

Relic runs away from Alkan and Clyde to try to become a champion duelist, but he gets seen by Inspector Logan.

After Clyde goes missing, Alkan duels Relic for answers, but Relic denies knowing anything.

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