Hybrid Monsters are the newest type of card to be introduced into the game; like a new version of Fusion Monsters and Synchro Monsters. They have red borders, and are summoned by using 1 Morpher (sometimes Hybrid Monsters use a specific 1 Morpher or a Morpher of a specific Attribute/Type) and another monster of a specific Attribute/Type.

To summon a Hybrid Monster, you must use a method known as a Hybrid Summon. To Hybrid Summon, you must get the neccesary monsters on your side (note that the combined Levels of these monsters must add up to the Level of the Hybrid Monster you wish to summon) and then place them in the Hybrid Summon Zone (Next to Deck Zone and underneath Removed From Play Zone). After that, the Hybrid Monster is Hybrid Summoned.

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