Alkan Ronuti
Manga Debut Yu-Gi-Oh! CD - Chapter 001
Appears In Yu-Gi-Oh! CD
Age 18
Gender Male
Deck Unconfirmed

Clyde Stevenson is am 18-year-old protagonist in Yu-Gi-Oh! CD. He is best friends with Alkan.


100px Clyde has dark brown hair which spikes up and green eyes. Clyde wears a blue jacket with a white shirt, as well as black trousers. He wears a belt, where he has two deck pouches; one for his Ground Duels and one will be for a new type of duels, which may be similar to Turbo Duels.


Clyde has a hasty and cheerful personality, and always likes to joke around.


Season OneEdit

Alkan and Clyde have been having the same nightmare for three months, but what does it mean?

Clyde goes missing one day, so Alkan goes to search for him.

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