Alkan Ronuti
Manga Debut Yu-Gi-Oh! CD - Chapter 001
Appears In Yu-Gi-Oh! CD
Age 18
Gender Male
Deck Unconfirmed

Alkan Ronuti is the 18-year-old protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! CD. He has an incredible Dueling Skill, although we do not know what deck he will use.


AlkanRonuti-Manga-CD Alkan has blonde hair that spikes up on his head, like many other characters, and blue eyes. Alkan wears a red jacket with a black shirt underneath, as well as dark bluee jeans and green boots. He wears a belt, where he has two deck pouches; one for his Ground Duels and one will be for a new type of duels, which may be similar to Turbo Duels.


Alkan has a calm and serious personality, and occasionally likes to joke around, but knows when to be serious. When he duels, he goes along with the opponent's moves and eventually finds a way to counter them.


Season OneEdit

Alkan has nightmares for three months, and is shocked when he finds that Clyde's having thye same ones. Then Relic runs away to try to be a champion duelist, so Alkan tries to get information about his disappearance from his rival, Inspector Logan, but all he gets is a cold reply. Thus, a duel begins.

Alkan's best friend Clyde Stevenson goes missing one morning, so Alkan tries to go and find out any clues about this. He eventually duels Relic Galson, his old friend and now a champion duelist, and gets no information at all.

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